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Who Is Tina Wilson-Cohen?

          Envision a determined, petite 5’1” small town southern girl with big dreams, who grows up as an adult to serve two U.S. Presidents at the White House.  Over the years, her physical stature has not really changed, but what has, in spite of adversity and life’s obstacles, are Mrs. Wilson-Cohen’s impressive accomplishments.  “Impossible” is not in this Georgia native’s vocabulary; in fact, it is a word that she loathes. 


           Regardless of her size, it has been a journey fueled with determination and overachievement that launched Mrs. Wilson-Cohen's service to the White House. More importantly, it was a fierce spirit for protecting others from harm and injustice that led Mrs. Wilson-Cohen to a career in federal law enforcement. This ultimate quest would include years of physical training that normally proves to be too much for someone her size.  She has served as a class president with multiple agency classes including in her Secret Service training class.  In addition, she earned the Top Physical Fitness Award that is still posted at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.  In 2001, Mrs. Wilson-Cohen was a recipient of the U.S. Secret Service Life Saving Award.


Being petite also didn’t hamper Mrs. Wilson-Cohen from serving as a bodyguard to female members of the Saudi Royal Family after her assignment to the White House.   This experience allowed Mrs. Wilson-Cohen to continue traveling the globe, while exposing her to a world of incredible opportunity that only few get to experience.             September 11, 2001 was the impetus of Mrs. Wilson-Cohen returning to the U.S. Government.  She became the first female Federal Air Marshal, while also serving on the hiring and recruitment board and managing an all-male team that deployed with her throughout the world.  


Mrs. Wilson-Cohen’s extensive federal law enforcement investigative experience also includes serving on the FBI’s counterterrorism task force as a Senior Special Agent with U.S. Customs working classified cases alongside with other agency's in the intelligence community.  As a criminal investigator, Mrs. Wilson-Cohen coordinated efforts with county, state, and other federal law enforcement agencies resulting in high profile cases and successful convictions involving drugs, fraud, gangs, child exploitation, smuggling, trafficking, and money laundering.  One of these operations started by Mrs. Wilson-Cohen, “Operation Cold Play," still remains a successful tool in locating sex offenders nationwide.


After spending years of investigating illegal acts committed against the public, Mrs. Wilson-Cohen became an advocate on educating citizens on self-awareness, firearms education, and the dangers of stalking, human trafficking, cyberbullying, and domestic abuse.  Throughout her career, Mrs. Wilson-Cohen has received extensive firearms training, while also providing firearms instruction to federal agents.  While in the field and witnessing so many cases of negligent and reckless attitudes involving firearms, Mrs. Wilson-Cohen became adamant that civilians also need firearms training and education.  This motivated Tina Wilson-Cohen to begin training families, and a creation of what was initially pioneered as SHE CAN SHOOT, LLC.  SHE CAN SHOOT is now a nationally recognized and highly respected female organization with chapters across the U.S. where females with extensive firearms training teach other women, provide social meetups, provide self-awareness training, and teach confidence and empowerment building skills by using firearms training as a catalyst.   


In 2011, Mrs. Wilson-Cohen was also a semi-finalist for the History Channel’s, Top Shot.  She has been featured in:

MSNBC, Morning Joe Show

Boston Globe

CNN Money


Smith & Wesson

National Rifle Association

London Times

Washington Post

Stern Magazine

Smart Women Series

Ivanhoe Broadcast

ABC 7, Good Morning Washington

Arise America, Arrive News Now


To say that Mrs. Wilson-Cohen is an overachiever would be an understatement.  It should not surprise anyone to find that health, language, culture, and borders are clearly not obstacles to Mrs. Wilson-Cohen.  In addition to being a wife, grandmother, private investigator, a business owner, instructor, college professor, mentor, guest speaker, and volunteer, Mrs. Wilson-Cohen also deploys as a consultant.  She has extensive work in training NGO's and staff with Johns Hopkins University in security and threat analysis and awareness.  


After leaving federal law enforcement in 2010, Mrs. Wilson-Cohen developed additional skills, training, and experience in digital sociology, business and geospatial intelligence, business psychology, and biopsychology.  Her area of expertise and training became focused on human behavior.  In addition, she worked overseas in defense contracting including the WPS program in Afghanistan.


One may never know where she may surface, but you might see Mrs. Wilson-Cohen on television, in a classroom, in an airport, have her as an instructor, or work beside her on a volunteer project. You might even get to read her book that will hopefully be published soon! Nonetheless, you will find Mrs. Wilson-Cohen to be a passionate and friendly individual who refuses to forget her roots which keeps her grounded.  Her message and footprint in this life has been shaped from a quote by Harvey Fierstein:  “Never be bullied into silence, never allow yourself to be made a victim, accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."

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